Les agricultrices et agriculteurs méritent mieux que les magouilles libérales

Feindre d’appuyer un projet de loi pour le laisser mourir au feuilleton, pour ensuite déclencher des élections sans avoir à porter l’odieux d’avoir clairement voté contre la protection de notre modèle agricole.

On peut effectivement employer le mot « cynique ».

Un bon texte du directeur du bureau politique du National Post.

« Simon-Pierre Savard-Tremblay, a Bloc member who sits on the International Trade committee, said the vote was held in March but the committee only started examining the bill this week.
“I tried to get the committee to prioritize it in May but the Liberals voted against and the Conservatives abstained. I believe what that shows is that the Liberals never wanted to pass the bill,” he said. “Now with a possible election at the end of the summer, the bill will die by itself and the Liberals won’t have to tell farmers across the country that they didn’t support supply management.”
It’s small wonder that the government will be happy to see the bill die. »